The Health Benefits of Walking as Exercise

The Health Benefits of Walking as Exercise

So what are your reasons for not reaping the health benefits of walking? As daily exercise goes, nothing beats a brisk morning walk for fitness!
Sure, you’ve been trying to exercise daily and mind your fitness level, get back into shape, watch your calories and, maintain a healthy weight and generally watch your health; you may have bought an exercise machine or even joined a gym.
So how come the gym membership has just turned into another bill and the treadmill is serving as a silent butler, with this week’s laundry hanging on it?

The truth is that exercise machines are boring and cost a fortune! Gym memberships are expensive (especially if you’re not using them!)

Read on to learn more about the health benefits of walking for exercise even if only for 30 minutes a day

Walking Fitness – An Elusive Goal?
Start pursuing the benefits of walking as exercise

We all live in a society which basically has eradicated any form of natural exercise which could be beneficial to us, especially walking. Think about it: We basically live in our cars! We run our errands by entering drive-through restaurants, post offices and what not. Our whole infrastructure is designed based upon the automobile and we are programmed to use it whenever possible. If you want to exercise you can drive to the gym. How ironic!

However, walking is an exercise most anyone can do. It does not cost anything and does not require special equipment. It is by far the easiest exercise and can be incorporated into any daily routine. You will realize health benefits walking 30 minutes a day, five times a week
You can start out slowly, adding a few more minutes to your walking routine every day. It might surprise you how many calories you burn by walking for exercise (To calculate how many calories are burned walking, use the formula below)!

Here are some more easy suggestions on how to exercise at work: Start walking the stairs at work. Take a walk during your lunch hour to relax.Take the dog for a walk. Park at the far end of the store parking lot and walk a little farther.
The Nordic Sport of Pole Walking, or Nordic Walking
Go for the benefits of nordic walking!

The nordic sport of pole walking or, as it is officially called, nordic walking is a sport very popular in Europe, but it’s quickly becoming a fitness rage in the United States.
The “Nordic Walk” is performed by walking, utilizing a set of two nordic walking poles. These poles are specifically designed to make you use up to 90% of your body’s muscles while performing the sport and has therefore been proven to be vastly more effective than regular walking.

Any person seeking to maximize their walking fitness and to increase the cardiovascular health benefits of walking should check into the nordic sport of pole walking: Nordic Walking
The Health Benefits of Walking Fitness
Walking for Health: Fitness through Natural Exercise!

Here’s a list of some walking benefits(in no particular order)

Benefits your mobility, and increases your energy level

Decreases your stress level

Lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol

Walking is a low impact exercise and minimizes joint stress

Helps prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, heart attack and stroke

Benefits healthy weight maintenance

Relieves back pain and arthritis

Improves your sleep

Walking benefits your sense of well-being

It is a motivator, a “gateway exercise”; it gets your blood flowing and makes you want to exercise more
Walking regularly vs occasionally is important to reap the most benefits from a walking fitness routine. It is recommended that you walk at least 30 minutes a day, on five or more days of the week.

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