Leopard Print Swimsuit

Leopard Print Swimsuit

Leopard Swimsuit

If you’re ready to embrace your wild side, you’ll love these leopard swimsuits. Choose from a leopard bikini, a leopard monokini, or a one piece leopard swimsuit.

Just beware that wearing one will bring about whistles and looks of appreciation from any nearby men!

The leopard print bikini you see to the left is available below.
Leopard Bikini
Then next time you’re at the beach, make sure you stand out from the crowd in one of these leopard print bikinis. A leopard print bikini tells people you aren’t afraid to embrace your wild side!
One thing I love about all these leopard print bikini’s is the side ties on the bottoms. That means they’ll fit even after losing or gaining weight!

Leopard Print Monokini

I’ve always loved monokini’s because they give you the open sexiness of a bikini while offering some of the coverage of a one piece swimsuit. The many styles let you choose between a fully covered front with open sides and back, a partially covered front, or a front with just a bit of fabric connecting top and bottom to give you the most exposure.
This monokini features a deeply scooped front, low cut side tie legs and an open back to give you the most exposure. The shiny fabric is fully lined for support and trimmed in pink to give it that wow factor. Available in small, medium and large.
Most monokini’s follow one of 3 basic shapes (full front, plunge front, or single strap front), but these two break all the rules with their wild cuts. One offers horizontal straps connected by o-rings to give you moderate coverage with sex appeal. And the other features push up cups with sexy leopard print fabric criss crossed in the front. Both are available in small, medium and large.

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