How to choose Camping Gear and Quality Tents

How to choose Camping Gear and Quality Tents

Looking for some of the best camping tents and camping gear? The base camp tents are the best tents, there 2 to 8 people tents that are four-season tents, that are recommended for camping all year around. There are several great tents featured that are quality tents, and easy to pack and set up anywhere, be it a campground or on top of a mountain.

I have a very good selection of those here for you. I grew up in the wilderness and have been camping since I was a child, Mom and Dad taught us about survival by example when we went camping as a family, and I have enjoyed camping on my own since I was a teen. I lived in a tipi for the better part of a year, and it was great to have a fire right in my bedroom.

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I grew-up going on camping trips with my family at Kabetogama Lake in the wilderness of northern Minnesota. I love being out in nature, its a lot of fun. Its important to have a good shelter in-case the weather turns bad. The tents on this page are nice tents that I recommend for duality, quality, and protection for the elements. A good tent is like a good friend out camping.

Eureka Mountain Tent

If, I had this tent, I would try it out in all four seasons. It is quality, and I’m sure it would be very comfortable even at very cold temperatures. From what I have heard and read, they are; but I don’t know first-hand. There is 140 feet of interior space, not a lot of space to heat, but plenty of room.

Free Standing Mountain Breeze Four Season Tent – Eureka High Camp tent comfortable for two in Everest-like conditions. Designed and tested by renowned expeditionist Eric Simonson. The 5-pole rectangular dome tent is distinguished for high-altitude use, a 43.27-square-foot area.
Grand Mothership 8 Four – Season Tent
One of the best tents for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Superseal Floor: Raised, taped perimeter seam provides guaranteed waterproof protection; Combines the benefits of catenary and bathtub floors to keep you light on the trail and dry when you’re in.; Jake’s Corner pole support: Eliminates pole rotation that can lead to failure in extreme conditions; Allows for smaller overall footprint, without sacrificing usable space… great when flat land is at a premium; Can be deployed from inside, allowing you to finish building the Tent, even in the worst storm.
Columbia Bugaboo II Geo Dome Tent with Foot Lockers

leeps 5 campersDry Ultimate Rain Protection system
Port to allow easy passage of cablesVenting for air circulation when rainfly is in use2 external storage lockers, internal pockets, cupholders, and gear loftColor coded fiberglass poles and sleeves Weighs 21 pounds

Its Important To Have Warm Shelter and Sleeping Bags

I love camping in the wilderness of the north woods by a lake. Its usually cooler at nights than inland, because of the lake effect. Long as you have a good tent for camping and plenty to keep warm with, its worth it. A good sleeping bag or extra blanket will take of that.

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