Best Top 10 Best Audio Receivers Reviews

Do you like listening to music? Are you looking for an effective digital audio receiver that you can use to tune your favorite AM and FM stations at the comfort of your home or in your vehicle? Audio receivers are attainable cheaply in many web-based stores. While most brands work well, here are the top 20 best audio receivers worth buying in 2016:


1. Yamaha RX-V379BL 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver with Bluetooth

Yamaha RX-V379BL allows audio transfer via Bluetooth; no wired connectivity making it less complicated. Music streaming from a smartphone or rather any other device is vivid and lively. This receiver is designed in such a way that music is not distorted even after compressing it, for instance to an MP3. Enjoy up to date HDMI standards as a result of top notch 4k video transmission. Yamaha RX-V379BL delivers strong bass whether using small or big speakers. A subwoofer boosts volume to an exemplary good range. Comes along with an A/V guide that gives instructions on how it is set up. For instance, how to connect to a TV or speakers.Read More Click


2. Pioneer VSX-530-K 5.1 Channel AV Receiver

With Pioneer VSX-530 –K, 140 watts for every channel are delivered, making it perfect for a home theater. Has an incredible resolution that brings out top quality pictures. It displays the latest video technology, 4k Ultra HD, for precise and beautiful views.
VSX-530-K supports connection to devices such as cable boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, gaming consoles among others.VSX-530-K can be used to stream music from a laptop, PC, iPhone, to mention but a few via Bluetooth. This wireless musing streaming is exemplary. With a USB port, you can connect to other USB compatible music sources to access WMA, AAC, and MP3 audio files.Read More Here


3. Pyle Home PTAU45 Mini 2×120 Watt MAX Stereo Power Amplifier

Ply home amplifier is more than perfect when it comes to powering any stereo system. It is incredibly easy to use and very durable. The amp features 4 speaker outputs, L/R RCA inputs, a slick blue LED output display, as well as bass and treble controls. The exceptional product is popular for delivering accurate and powerful sound because it uses sophisticated and premium circuitry components. The small but incredibly powerful amp delivers crisp and clear audio for its listeners. Being cost-effective and durable, Plye home is designed to last for a lifetime.Read More Here


4. Denon AVRS510BT-R Refurbished 5.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth (Black)

Denon AVRS510BT-R receiver allows wireless music transfer via Bluetooth. You can play music from your phone or any other device that is Bluetooth compatible. Delivers 140w for five channels that offer power for quality sounds when playing your favorite video games or viewing a movie. Vivid displays on the screen allow easy and automatic set up. It has four buttons that you can use for selection of sources of your choice and storage of customized settings.Read More Here


5. Sony STR-DN850 7.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver

Sony sound powered by 150 watts along with 7.2 channels and 4k resolution is an exceptionally good receiver choice. Delivers best of Blu-ray videos, music, games among others. With its inbuilt wireless network (Wi-Fi), you can stream and enjoy the latest music from music unlimited, Spotify, Pandora or Tune In. Sony STR-DN850 supports Bluetooth music transfer from tablet or smartphone or any other music storage devices. It comes along with apt X and AAC codec support technology that ensures music quality is not lost during audio transmission. You can monitor the receiver from a distance using a well-built remote control. This is the best receiver for your home entertainment system.Read More Here


6. Onkyo TX-8020 Stereo receiver

Onkyo tx-8020 stereo receiver is an amazingly pocket-friendly, high-quality audio receiver. If you have a Blu-ray player, TV, turntable as well as a CD player, TX-8020 will perfectly power audio from these gadgets. Connecting a subwoofer and headphones makes it easy to listen to a variety of custom tones. Similarly, four speakers of your choice connected to the receiver will work exemplary well. Its WRAT is high powered; it never disappoints when needed to handle any tough load. Besides this, it has balance controls, bass and tremble. It is an excellent choice for a home entertainment system and access to all FM/AM radio stations.Read More Here


7. Pyle Home PT270AIU 300-Watt Stereo Receiver AM-FM Tuner

Pyle Home PT270AIU is a powerful 300-watt AM-FM tuner that works well with iPhone and iPad. It has sub-woofer control, comes with an iPod docking station, and a USB port for connecting to third-party accessories and music players. Even though cheap, this tuner is durable. It has a quartz-synthesized tuner, a banana binding post for connecting to external speakers or sub-woofers, and responsive volume, echo, and tone controls for an immersive listening experience. This stereo receiver has an auto seek function. It can save up to 50 AM and FM radio stations and has a well-designed fluorescent display that not only eases tuning, but also shows clear and vivid information of its gotten stations. If you like hosting parties at home but do not have money to spend on an expensive public address system, this audio receiver is an excellent buy. All you have to do is plug a microphone in its 1/4-inch microphone input, to host an interesting karaoke party.Read More Here


8. Onkyo TX-8050 Network Stereo Receiver

Onkyo TX-8050 is a premium audio stereo receiver with network streaming capability. It is durable, supports mass storage audio playback, and has an innovative direct digital USB connection port for streaming music from iPod and iPhone. All you have to do is connect your smartphone or iPod via its USB port, load your favorite album, and let the receiver do the mandatory legwork. It will not only play your songs in high definition, but also charge your phone at the same time. This receiver has two 80-watt audio channels, a responsive volume control, adjustable tone controls, and listening modes.Read More Here


9. Sony STRDH130 2 Channel Stereo Receiver

If you have a tight budget, but want a high performance stereo receiver that you can use at home and on the road, Sony’s STRDH130 receiver is one of the best in 2016. It has two 135-watt audio channels that enhance sound from home theater systems. It also has five analogue inputs, a powerful AM/FM tuner, and an auto standby feature that helps to save energy when left on accidentally for long. As such, if you are listening to music and fall to sleep unknowingly, this system switches it to standby mode automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. As many high-end brands in the market, Sony STRDH130 is compatible with most smartphones, all tablets, and almost all portable music players.Read More Here


10. Sherwood RX-4109 200W Stereo Receiver

Sherwood RX-4109 is a powerful 19.5-pound stereo receiver that features a powerful AM/FM radio. The radio has 30 presets for saving favorite stations and an effective sleep timer with an auto-shutdown feature. It has a manual and auto tuner, discrete amplifiers for all its channels, and heavy duty binding posts that connect reliably to output devices such as speakers, surround systems, and home theater systems when the receiver is in use. Finally, this stereo receiver comes with an easy to use 43-key remote control and responsive speaker selector buttons for a customized listening experience. With them, you can tune it two use one or two speakers. You can also use them to turn off external speakers and then use a head or earphone for a quieter or private listening experience.Read More Here

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